Welcome to the Retrosaur Blog. The site’s main mission is to deliver great retro content in the form of live broadcasts, game reviews and extended rants of appreciation for all things RETRO. People love enjoying the sights sounds and feelings of nostalgia that come from indulging in a Retro Video Game. Nowadays, Retro is a broad term that encapsulates a growing list of games that expands with each new system that comes out. As of now, my scope for retro is anything before and including the PlayStation 2. So please have a look around the site and check out my retro rewinds reviews and upcoming broadcasts.

Who am I? I’m Just your typical Retro Video Gamer from the late Cretaceous period. I survive on a mostly herbivorous diet of PlayStation and Nintendo games, choosing from a wide variety of games, from NES to PS2 and everything in between. What I like most about the modern era? The plethora of Retro Video Games available! Come join in the live broadcast @ twitch.tv/the_Retrosaur

Till next time! Game on and play fair. ~!Ret-Retro @the_Retrosaur

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