Hello, everybody out there in retro-land! Ret Retro the Retrosaur here, and with this post, I want to rewind briefly and introduce myself and my blog.

Today I set the intention to embark on the most Retro-eous of quests; play my entire game catalog! Some 240+ games are currently nestled in the shelves of Retro’s Cave, and ass I play through each game, I plan to update this post with links to each review, and a date completed.
This blog will serve as a place to catalog my thoughts and adventures as I play through all of my old games. I will be doing a series called “A Dame a Day” and will be going through my entire collection, listed here on my grouvee page! I intend to play them in order of their release, from oldest to newest. This will cover NES, Gameboy, SNES, PlayStation, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, and the Gamecube.

My schedule is 8PM to Late AM PST Mon-Thursday. Besides the New series, I will Probably rotate between my 2 personal favorites: TMNT 4 for SNES and Metal Slug Anthology for PS2. I also play a lot of Street Fighter Alpha 2 for SNES. Sometimes I just play something different altogether.

So come to stop by my Twitch channel to join in the fun and watch the broadcast #live! If you see a game you think I should play soon, or if you have any recommendation that is not on the list but you think is one worth checking out, please drop a comment in chat. I am not starting with a complete collection by any means. Anything new I Pick up and ad to the list.

I sometimes do giveaways from my lootcrate and mygeekbox boxes, so be sure to type !dino-mite in my Twitch chat for more information. I typically do one every 50 to 100 followers.

You can subscribe to my youtube to channel here to catch up on the blog’s “A Game a Day: Retro Rewind!

By following me on twittter @the_Retrosaur, you can always be updated one when the broadcast is going live!

Till next time! Game on and play fair. !Ret-Retro @the_Retrosaur

#GreatGames & #GreatPrices only @ebay

GreenMan Gaming


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