Hunter The Reckoning: Wayward – PS2

Yesterday I had some time to play Hunter the Reckoning WAYWARD, and even though it’s not the first game in the series, it was the first one I ever tried out. Below I will get into the good the bad and the ugly, but first, the commercial!

Hunter the Reckoning WAYWARD commercial Trailer

Gameplay: When I sat down to play I was really excited about the game: lots of zombies and different characters. When you load in you start in a tutorial level that takes place in the parking lot outside of an abandoned Hotel. You learn the basic moves as well as how to unlock special abilities and what to keep an eye out for. You collect health points and a type of ability points (basically mana to activate your specials) by killing enemies. Some of the attacks were a little clunky at first, but you get a feel for it after a while and can really get a good combo off with better animation timing and finesse. Your health does not regenerate over time. I liked this because in later levels as health got close to the end, you could make a last stand and run into a group of enemies, laying waste, healing your self and feeling oh so cool at the same time. You also can collect ammo, weapons and quest items off of the various spooky creatures you encounter as well as by destroying some of the dynamic map elements located through the came (like trash cans or mailboxes).

After completing the tutorial you make your way to a vacant room in the hotel which then serves as your main hub for completing the game. There is a map fo the town (level select), a tv to watch unlocked cutscenes for clues, as well as a computer that you upload the various digital files you find throughout the game, explaining some of the character’s backstories and unlocking new areas.

My main gripe about the game is the in-game camera. It is locked at fixed angles depending on what area of the map you are in. This makes looking for that last objective quest item really tedious because it is really easy to run past something that is way off screen.

All said and done I liked the game and probably would play it again. I give it a retro rating of 3.5/5! There is a multiplayer mode that I have yet to try so I would be interested in seeing how that plays out. There is a nightmare mode you have to sadly unlock but that does add to replay value. How hard could it be though right? IF the camera was always following behind you, things wouldn’t be so easily overlooked. I mean I know I’m being a bit of a stickler but they did it in Mario 64, so I cant hold back a punch for a game on the PS2.

Till next time! Game on and playfair.


Here is a link to the playthrough 10/3/2017


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