Hello fellow Retronauts and retronauts. Today I finally got around to playing Warriors of Might and Magic and even though the stream was a bit quiet, I really had a blast, and I will totally play this game again. So let’s break it down with a few quick thoughts about the game.

Commercial Warriors of Might and Magic


For those that have not played Warriors yet, first you start with a basic barbarian class who is cast into the pit of despair and must fight his way out to survive. If you die, you have to start over from the beginning. You can also load a saved game, but there are no checkpoints. The game is a large dungeon crawler that really reminded me a lot of what Zelda 2 felt like. You basically have 1 run to beat the game. The caveat: you can save and start from a forced checkpoint that you get to decide. Being able to save the game on the fly anywhere was a big plus to me because as I played the game on Hard Difficulty, the game was well… difficult!

I also really liked having difficulty settings, as I always like to just set a game to hard and stumble my way through it. Git Gud. The game also plays very fast for an older game and I felt like I had the ability to move around. Some of the weapons and attacks were slow and having to toggle the camera in a forced inverted perspective really annoyed me at first but I eventually got into it.

Health potions were scarce and it took multiple runs to really figure out ways to strategize the enemies. You have Health and Magic meters and potions to replenish both can be found on enemies and in crates and chests. Other elixirs that greatly boost your various stats will show up too, but with these, you will need really save for certain impossible to pass gatekeeper bosses.

It is good practice to be on the lookout for the random helpful NPC’s that that will offer you event quests that will award you XP or gear. In the first level, you come across an Orc who is fighting to zombies. If you can save him in time, he’ll run off into a sewer to fight more monsters. If you can save him from that he will then give you a ring that reduces magic damage. If you don’t save him either time, you don’t get the ring.

You can also just kill him. The game is really dynamic in that way. You feel like you have free reign to roam around and take different paths. Most of the levels tend to loop around in on themselves as you unlock certain passages that lead up and out to the next section. The game itself is a puzzle and it takes you a few run-throughs to really figure it out.

Doing quests and killing bad guys gives you the quintessential experience points. Once you level up you get to spend these points on ways to customize your characters stats. This too added more depth to strategy as you have to really buff up your characters stats in a way that will benefit your playstyle. IF you use more spells, you may want to focus on intellect. If you like knocking dudes with a wooden club, spec all might!

All in all I give the game a solid retro 3.5/5 for great speedy gameplay, lots of replay value, and even though the controls can be a bit cumbersome at times, you get caught up in the excitement and adventure. I have to also give big kudos for having a free roam camera too. A multiplayer mode would make this game a must-have! I would recommend it to anyone who was looking for some gladiator adventure, fighting your way out of the depths of hell!

Below I leave the playthrough in its entirety.

Check out the very quiet Retrosaur stumble through the first couple levels


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