Hello everybody, Ret Retro here, and with today’s post, I want to rewind briefly and introduce myself, my blog, and all things I want Ret Retro to be.
For starters. The Blog. The blog will serve to catalog my adventures as I play through each of my systems. I have decided to start with Playstation 2, as I currently have the most games for the PS2 as well as the largest variety, but I do plan to move on to other systems too. I have most of the line up, such as Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Gamecube, Dreamcast, and a bunch of gameboy games, but for the most part, I play Super Nintendo and Playstation 2 the most. It would be hard to pick a favorite right now, they all had their moments in both the spotlight and the after glow. Perhaps when I finally finished with my collections I’ll be able to make an opinion.
Back to the point!
So the main purpose of the blog will also let you know what’s coming up with what game I am currently playing through. There will be three main types of posts. There will be “Update” posts, like this one, with just a bit of information. There will be “Up Next” post, where I talk about a game I will be reviewing for a Retro Rewind video, which brings us to the main bread and butter for the retro blog: The Retro Rewind! This will be my breakdown and review of the games. I will probably do the one off post here or there about some other things, but again, for the MOST part, the purpose of the blog will be to coincide and round out the content for my Youtube and Twitch channels. I will most likely do a few post about broadcasting in general as well, like what equipment I use.
My schedule is 8PM to Late AM PST Mon-Thursday Rotating between my 2 main games: TMNT 4 for SNES and Metal Slug Anthology for PS2. I also play a lot of Street Fighter Alpha 2 for SNES. Sometimes I just play something different all together. I sometimes do giveaways from my loot crate boxes, so be sure to type !dino-mite in my Twitch chat for more information
Come stop by my Twitch channel to join in the the fun and watch the broadcast live here. Subscribe to my youtube to channel here. t catch all the latest Rewind Videos and more. If you enjoy the commentary, the dino-banter, and all things retro, I invite you to subscribe to my patreon here. For the latest and greatest, be sure to also follow me on twitter here!
Thank you for tuning in! Till Next time!


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