Hello, good morning and welcome to any and all who happen to stumble here. Today I begin my long journey through my PS2 collection, a mass of some 100 odd games that have been acquired in various trips to near by goodwill shops, of which in LA there are several.

But the backstory and prelude to this post, is but a post in and of itself. So I will leave that topic for another day.

TO THE POINT! Coming up on my next Retro Rewind Review I will be playing through two games that I have never played before; ‘Warriors of Might and Magic’ & ‘Hunter the Reckoning WAYWARD’. I picked up both from a goodwill in woodland hills and both discs were in pretty good shape.

Warriors of Might and Magic – PS2

‘Warriors of Might and Magic’ for PS2 looks like your typical dungeon hack em up. On the back of the box there are a few images from the game, one of which has the main character facing off against a giant demon of dark souls proportions. “30 different breeds of monsters!” a bullet point checks off on the back. It looks like a fun game and I enjoy a good demon slaying.

Hunter The Reckoning: Wayward – PS2

While Hunter the Reckoning WAYWARD is not the first game in the series, it will be the first I will play.. This is a zombie game, but the back cover images give a sense that the gameplay is more driven by the awesome animated smash em up aesthetic. Visually driven 3D 3rd person mayhem, with the zombies looking somewhere between resident evil 4 and some dynasty warriors game.

I really appreciate the range of 3D game play that came out for the PS2, just one of the many reasons to love the system. It seemed like everyone was really pushing the system to its limits.

I’ll be leaving links to my reviews here later on but can always come stop by my twitch here and join the fun live or check out my future rewinds on my youtube channel here.

Till next time! window._epn = {campaign:5338183292};https://epnt.ebay.com/static/epn-smart-tools.js


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